The thinking of the society becomes a hindrance in progress, victory is ahead of thinking

A girl beat this thought

Coming from a society where people think that if a girl is staying out after 7 PM then her
upbringing is wrong or what kind of parents they would be who cannot handle their kids?
Trust me I have heard it so many times and even today after people know what I do for a living I
sometimes hear the question “why do you stay out at night and show your face in the morning?”.
I still see people making faces when I tell them I work in the film industry as a Production
Designer. Hardly any person gets excited to know in detail about my work instead they start
judging me and my choices with their never-ending questions. “Why do you want to work in the
entertainment industry you are good with academics?” Or “How come your parents are
supporting you?” Or “Are you sure you will be able to make it because you don’t have a film
background?” When people bombarded me with such questions I didn’t have a proper answer to
confront them. In fact, then I started to doubt my choices and my goals in life. I was about to
give up on my passion to work behind the camera because of a lack of support from my family
and the continuous taunting from society.

But as they say, giving up on your passion means you are welcoming a life that you will never
appreciate and be happy about. I can never imagine my life being that way. So I decided that
either it’s my way or no way. I can’t give up on my dreams just because I’m scared of what
people will think or take me as. Why should I let people decide and write the story of my life?
The first battle for me was to convince my family that having a career in the entertainment
industry is not a bad thing and even though I don’t have a film background I will still work hard
and make them proud of me.

After gathering enough courage and strength I went up to my family. I made them sit in a living
room and I stood in front of them as if I’m about to give a long speech. Of course, I was
pretending to be strong but my heart was racing. The stare from my family was not helping me
and I was sweating in an air conditioning room. After about a minute my dad stood up and said
“if this is a game I’m too busy for it and if it is not then what is it”. I looked at his face for a few
seconds and yelled I want to make my career in the film industry working behind the camera if
you will not support me I’m still going to do it with my own capabilities. I have applied to film
schools and would like to go and study. There was silence in the room and I looked at my father.
My dad didn’t say anything and left the room. Other members were not saying much they just
looked at me smiled and left the room. My heart broke after seeing the look on my dad’s face.
Later, I went into his room with a heavy heart. He was calculating something. I stood next to
him. I said, “Sorry dad I didn’t mean to hurt you, and I will do as you wish”. My dad turned
around and looked at me saying it will cost me 2lakhs for your film education. He smiled and
said, “I loved the confidence you have in yourself and the fire to prove that you can achieve what
you aim for. Don’t ever let that flame die because it will keep you going and will keep reminding
you that you still have to make your parents and family proud of you. There were tears of joy in
my eyes and the love for my passion grew twice. I hugged my father and promised him that I
won’t give up easily as long as you have my back.

Then my journey started in the entertainment industry. I started working on Tv serials,
advertising, feature films, short films, etc as a Production Designer and Assistant Director. To
fulfill my dreams further I decided to study in the States and to get extra knowledge about the
Hollywood industry. Later, I started to work here as a Production Designer and I’m known by
that in this industry. A musical short film that went to film festivals went through many hardships
from composing a song to make needs meet. We didn’t expect it to do so well.
The journey until now was hard because I had no contacts in the industry plus for a few months I
was not getting any projects then the support of my family also started withdrawing. But then
during these times, it’s you who needs to be strong and bring the flame for your passion back.
That way you are able to make yourself happy and gain back the things that you have lost.
Today, after seeing me do well in my field my parents feel proud of me and they are supporting
me to do better. As for people they still talk but as I said I have become the writer of my life and
not them.

I believe if you believe in yourself and your dream there is nothing that can stop you. Even if the
struggle is real, one will be able to achieve the goals if he or she sets his or her mind in it. I still
have a lot to learn and don’t want to stop learning. Because the flame to achieve my goals is still
burning inside me.

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